The following attachments are public comment letters developed and filed by the Public Generating Pool:


2017-2018 Comments to CAISO on 2018 Policy Initiatives Catalog and Roadmap

12/20/2017 Comments to CAISO on Imbalance Conformance Enhancements

2016-2017 Comments on EIM Greenhouse Gas Compliance Enhancement Initiative

2016-2017 Comments to CAISO on Flexible Resource Adequacy Criteria and Must Offer Obligation Phase 2

2017 Comments to CAISO on Annual Policy Initiatives Catalog and Roadmap

11/20/2017 Comments to CAISO on Vision Discussion Paper – Electricity 2030

2017 Comments to CAISO on Consolidated EIM Initiatives

2017 Presentation and comments related to NW Hydro and California

4/27/2017 Near-Term Market Design Options for Integrating Renewables in the CAISO Market

2017 Comments to CAISO on Frequency Response Phase 2

1/16/2017: Comments to BPA on Tariff Engagement Design

2016-2017 Comments to CAISO on Regional Resource Adequacy

2016-2017 Comments to CAISO on 2017 Stakeholder Initiatives Catalog

12/23/2016 Comments to BPA on the Coordinated Transmission Agreement

2016 Comments on EIM External Resource Participation

2016 Comments to CAISO on EIM Governing Body Guidance Document and Regional Issues Forum Operating Guidelines

2016 Comments to CAISO on Governance Principles

2015-2016 Comments to Washington Department of Ecology on the Clean Air Rule

5/26/2016 Comments to CAISO on its Stepped Constraint Parameters Issue Paper

4/22/2016: Comments to BPA on Transmission Access for EIM Participation

4/6/2016: Comments to California Air Resource Board on Clean Power Plan Compliance

3/24/2016: Market Principles

2/19/16: Comments to CAISO on SB 350 Studies

1/31/16: Carbon Management Principles

2015-2016: Comments to BPA on Southern Intertie HNF Workshops

12/18/15: Comments to NWPCC on 7th Power Plan

10/23/15: Comments to BPA regarding PSE’s integration into the CAISO EIM

2015 Comments to CAISO on EIM Year 1 Enhancements

4/16/14: Comments to Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System’s regarding Advanced NOPR

10/31/14: Comments to NWPCC on Power Plan

12/1/13: Distributed Generation Principles

12/8/13:  Requests to Senators Murray and Cantwell for support of the Public Power Risk Management Act

11/5/13:  Joint Letter to Department of Energy regarding BPA Hiring Practices

2013 Comments on Columbia River Treaty Draft Entity Recommendation

7/3/13:  Letter to BPA Regarding Short-Term Competition