The following attachments are public comment letters developed and filed by the Public Generating Pool:


2017 Comments to CAISO on Annual Policy Initiatives Catalog and Roadmap

11/20/2017 Comments to CAISO on Vision Discussion Paper – Electricity 2030

2017 Comments to CAISO on Consolidated EIM Initiatives

2016-2017 Comments to CAISO on Flexible Resource Adequacy Criteria and Must Offer Obligation Phase 2

8/11/2017 PGP Presentation on NW Hydro and California

2016-2017 Comments on EIM Greenhouse Gas Compliance Enhancement Initiative

6/29/2017 Joint BPA-PGP Letter Regarding Role of Northwest Hydro Power in SB100

5/25/2017 Comments on CEC, CPUC, CAISO on Joint Workshop – The Increasing Need for Flexibility in the Electricity System

4/27/2017 Near-Term Market Design Options for Integrating Renewables in the CAISO Market

2017 Comments to CAISO on Frequency Response Phase 2

1/16/2017: Comments to BPA on Tariff Engagement Design

2016-2017 Comments to CAISO on Regional Resource Adequacy

2016-2017 Comments to CAISO on 2017 Stakeholder Initiatives Catalog

12/23/2016 Comments to BPA on the Coordinated Transmission Agreement

2016 Comments on EIM External Resource Participation

10/18/2016 Comments to CAISO on EIM Governing Body Guidance Document

2016 Comments to CAISO on Governance Principles

7/22/2016 Comments to Ecology on the Clean Air Rule

6/27/2016 Comments to CAISO on EIM Regional Issues Forum Operating Guidelines

5/26/2016 Comments to CAISO on its Stepped Constraint Parameters Issue Paper

4/22/2016: Comments to BPA on Transmission Access for EIM Participation

4/6/2016: Comments to California Air Resource Board on Clean Power Plan Compliance

3/28/2016: Informal Comments to Ecology on Clean Air Rule

3/24/2016: Market Principles

2/19/16: Comments to CAISO on SB 350 Studies

1/31/16: Carbon Management Principles

2015-2016: Comments to BPA on Southern Intertie HNF Workshops

12/18/15: Comments to NWPCC on 7th Power Plan

11/16/15: Comments to Washington Department of Ecology on the Clean Air Rule

10/23/15: Comments to BPA regarding PSE’s integration into the CAISO EIM

2015 Comments to CAISO on EIM Year 1 Enhancements

4/16/14: Commens to Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System’s regarding Advanced NOPR

10/31/14: Comments to NWPCC on Power Plan

12/1/13: Distributed Generation Principles

12/8/13:  Requests to Senators Murray and Cantwell for support of the Public Power Risk Management Act

11/5/13:  Joint Letter to Department of Energy regarding BPA Hiring Practices

8/16/13 and 10/25/13:  Comments on Columbia River Treaty Draft Entity Recommendation

7/3/13:  Letter to BPA Regarding Short-Term Competition